ThinRDP Server

ThinRDP Server 2.3

ThinRDP converts any modern web browser into a Virtual Desktop
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ThinRDP for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services takes advantage of HTML5 Web browser technology to deliver high-performance RDP access, using only web standards like Ajax, WebSockets and JavaScript.
ThinRDP converts any modern web browser into a Virtual Desktop, allowing you to access any application or desktop from anywhere in the world, using any device with HTML5 support.
ThinRDP does not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other setup on the end-user side and can be used from almost any device. With ThinRDP, users can take their iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook and other devices to connect to their remote computers from anywhere and have access to all of programs, documents, files, and network resources as if they were in front of the host PC.
ThinRDP enables secure, high-performance HTML5 Remote Desktop Access to any PC on the local area network, through a single public IP address. Furthermore, ThinRDP grants access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services. With ThinRDP you can even remote into RDS / VDI platforms, such as session-based applications or virtual desktops.

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